Contrary to popular belief, hunting helps our forests and wildlife. In fact, 60% of state wildlife conservation funds come directly from hunting permit proceeds.

But hunting is down nationwide. So we partnered with another dive bar staple, Big Buck Hunter, to do something about it and help protect the great outdoors with...

The Busch Big Buck Hunter Hunting Permit


With the Busch Big Buck Hunter Huting Permits, we turned Busch and Big Buck Hunter fans into permit-carrying hunters to raise money for the National Forest Foundation.

With every permit purchased, $5 went to the National Wildlife Federation and permit holders unlocked and exclusive level and a chance to win their own arcade console.

We spread the word on


We created geo-targeted IG posts for the first day of hunting season in different key markets.

We encouraged fans to help the great outdoors by getting our Big Buck Hunter hunting permit.

We even created gamified  Stories to bring the fun of Big Buck Hunter to Instagram.

We also created an AR


To unlock the game, Busch fans scanned QR codes on limited-edition packs.

And every time they did, we donated to the National Forest Foundation and entered them for a chance to win their own Big Buck Hunter console. 

Fans who unlocked the mobile game were also entered for a chance to win their own console.

And every time a fan shared their score, we donated even more money to the NFF.

The game was such a hit, we brought it back during COVID.

And the campaign even won Busch an internal award at ABI.