Here’s some other stuff I’ve had fun making.

In college I thought I’d be the next Cassavetes. I was wrong.
This short was written, directed, and produced by me.

My dad spent hours syncing up The Wizard of Oz and
The Dark Side of the Moon. I did this.

What started as Johnsonville branded content turned into a
3-and-a-half minute dick joke. Enjoy.

My friends and I got tired of trying to save the world with case study videos. So we made a trailer for Burger King’s program to save the future from shitty astronaut food.


How can Canada's 100% online home and auto insurer help the growing population of homeless people living out of their cars?

By turning their cars into their homes.



Sonnet opens their first ever office to serve as a permanent address to Canada's car-dwelling homeless. Using license plate numbers as apartment numbers, they'll always have an address and a mailbox, no matter where they're parked for the night.

Sonnet reminds us that insurance isn't about money. It's about people. It's about helping your fellow Canadians get back on their feet.

In college, I grew my hair out and played in a stoner doom band. Yes, it’s a real genre. Here’s our demo: